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About Manors Creep

Three brothers (and their O.B.F.A.M. handling LIVE shows on the kit) originally from a tiny metropolis of 3, maybe 400 people, in the upstate NY area.
Spawn of a Baptist minister and a school teacher, who did all they could for their challenged,
not soon to be models,  children. Even - letting them bash away for hours, day after day, at tremendous volume - and never pummeling them with a bat.
dropped* on their heads (many times) as youngsters, The Boys somehow managed to retain enough grey matter to be fairly proficient musicians
Loving parents,  they worked their fingers to the bone to buy the brats actual pro instruments - and banished the fledgling Super Stars to the parsonage basement 
What to outsiders - seemed a move
certainly caused by insanity, proved the parents  higher education was worth every penny.
They gambled their hearing & mental health, hoping -' If the boys are in the cellar blasting rock at ear shattering volume - they won't be out
 'smoking copious amounts of pot with their questionable friends'
....................they were mostly right
What have learned here ? Good Parents Breed Tremendous Rock !
And with that, I give you the music of
Manors Creep
Sit Back, Turn It Up, and Rock Out

*no fault of their parents who had slippery hands because of no 'non-stick' cook ware

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